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Winter Weather Safety

One of the many ways our agency and Selective Insurance Company try to be of service to our customers is by helping you prevent losses. With winter coming, we want to help you prevent losses from your building’s sprinkler system. Leaks from a sprinkler’s frozen pipes can cause extensive damage and require costly repairs.

The attached brochure discusses how things like lowering your heat too far or not checking insulation around sprinkler pipes can cause sprinkler systems to freeze, rupture, and leak. I’ve also included Selective’s Winter Weather Checklist, which outlines simple steps you can take to prevent these accidents.

Winter Checklist v 3  SprinklerSystemsBrochure

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Happy Holidays!

Christmas 2014Blanchard & Calhoun Insurance was thrilled to play Santa for SafeHomes of Augusta again this year. We are very proud of the generosity of our employees and their willingness to help out victims of domestic and family violence. Happy Holidays to all! May we all remember the reason for the season and appreciate our many blessings!

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A Touching Story that is Music to the Ears

Augusta’s own Simkins family shares their touching story and song with the world. Brennan and his family have a special place in the hearts of the Blanchard & Calhoun family.

While Brennan was undergoing cancer treatment, his dad wrote a song as a form of therapy. Now that Brennan’s cancer is in remission, his family wants to use it to bring hope to others.

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