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Spotting Fraud

Chances are that you or someone you know has received an unsolicited email from a prince in a faraway land asking you to help move millions of U.S. dollars? If so, you’ve been on the receiving end of an email phishing scam. While your spam filter may do a reasonably good job recognizing these emails as garbage, your home mailbox doesn’t have this capability. Click here to read more

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Hermine is here!

Hermine is here whether we like it or not. Should you have a claim, please remember that we are here for you. You may call our office at 706-650-6000 or check out our File A Claim page for information on how to contact your carrier directly. Also, please take a look at the Storm Proofing information below from Central Insurance.


Steps Before and After a Storm

Do It Yourself Wind Inspection

Insurance Coverage

Blowing Away the Myths


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